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Onsite Dentistry is software for your mobile dental practice. We are a company founded by mobile dentists and software designers who understand what it takes to run a teledentistry business.

Onsite Dentistry software is simple, reliable, and feature-rich. If you run a dental practice that caters to nursing homes and special needs, you need a system that is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. You also need the support of a team who understands mobile dentistry.


Refer a patient to another dentist or a physician and create a password for him. That practitioner  will have instant access to limited patient information for those patients referred by your practice, which can be retracted at any time. Also, grant limited access to patient information to social workers and responsible parties. You decide which notes to make visible to them.

Custom Reports

Build customized reports and run them against your entire database of patients. Your reports are printable and you can create as many as you like.


OnsiteDentistry's scheduling system provides flexibility and ease-of-use to complex scheduling tasks. You can schedule multiple chairs with multiple assistants and dentists easily.

Security in the Cloud

The OSD application uses 128 bit encryption, similar to that used by financial institutions. Our servers are housed at Rackspace, a leading managed hosting firm. In the event of a power failure, generators on on standby. All data are backed up daily and our servers are managed around the clock 365 days a year, to ensure that you can always access your records. Consider these security provisions with cloud-based practice management:

1. The software is always up to date: you don't have to hassle with upgrades to take advantage of new features that make theft more difficult. 

2. Investigation is not easily detectable: suspects will never know a fraud investigator is connecting to the software to review data. 

3. There's always a backup: data backups can't be manipulated or deleted by thieves. 

4. Impossible to erase the audit trail. 


Patient Management

OnSiteDentistry (OSD) empowers you to control patient data and keep it current, easily. Everything from scheduling to notes to images are stored on our server. We recommend using digital radiography equipment such as Dexis with a portable, hand-held x-ray unit such as Nomad, then uploading the digital radiographs directly to the patient's record. If you are in a remote location without an internet connection, you can save the images locally on your laptop to be uploaded later when an internet connection becomes available. Some of our clients use a portable scanner to copy their handwritten progress notes from the facility chart and upload them to the patient's record on our server. Other clients use a cell phone camera to photograph their notes and then upload them to OSD as jpeg or pdf files. Some prefer to type the progress notes directly into the patient record. OSD offers many customizable features to conform to your preferences.


Manage claims and file them electronically. OnsiteDentistry maintains updated ADA codes so you can easily process claims for each patient.

Completely Web-Based

OnSiteDentistry is a web based application. You can access it anywhere from a smart phone to a computer with an internet connection using your name and password. Most of our mobile dentistry clients use a laptop and a wireless broadband service so they can be connected throughout the day while on the go. Many hospitals and nursing homes have wi-fi internet connections that are available for their practitioners to use as well.

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